It’s Almost Time For Nick’s Marathon!

Nick’s Marathon 2014 will kick off this Friday evening, and we are ready! The event was timed to coincide with the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and we plan on playing a lot of this highly anticipated game. The console has been updated to work with the new amiibo figures, and Smash has been pre-downloaded! Those new Mario Kart 8 tracks that were released last week? Already installed and ready to go!

Of course, we won’t JUST be playing the Wii U. Thanks to James’ vast collection – and his own personal arcade machine filled with pretty much every classic game ever – we have a nearly infinite set of possibilities.

And let’s not forget all the junk food we’re going to eat! The fact is that you just can’t play video-games for hours on end and then eat a salad. Sorry, salad. Our sustenance will consist primarily of pizza, wings, greasy diner food, some Chinese, and possibly even a burrito or two. A lot of people abandon their healthy habits for Thanksgiving and the holidays; we just start that tradition a little earlier.

Of course, all of the games and spicy wings in the world wouldn’t make for a succesful Marathon. Nope, the most important element is the people you eat and play with. Yes, it’s sappy, but it’s true. We do the Marathon to pay tribute to Nick, a wonderful friend who passed away far too young. But by enjoying his favorite hobby together – while raising money for a great cause – it feels like he’s right there with us.

And that leads us right to the shameless plug for donations! Whatever you can give – however small – is very much appreciated, and can help provide a wonderful distraction to a sick child. Of course, if you’re feeling especially generous and donate $100 or more, we will send you a portable charger/power bank! It’s a pretty cool little gadget that you can carry around and use to charge your cell phone, tablet, or whatever, even if you’re nowhere near an outlet. Very practical!

Thanks for all of the support, and be sure to watch, chat with us, and donate this weekend right here at!

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