Nick’s Marathon 2014 Starts November 21st!

We are thrilled to announce that the 2014 Nick’s Marathon will begin at 8pm Eastern on Friday, November 21st, and continue through Sunday, November 23rd. As always, we will be playing 48 consecutive hours of video-games to raise money for charity, and to honor our friend Nick Capobianco, who passed away at the age of 28.

If the date November 21st rings a bell for video-game fans, that’s because it has just been confirmed as the release date of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. That’s not a coincidence; we will spend a great deal of the weekend playing the highly anticipated game! We’ll be exploring all of the game’s modes and using the brand new amiibo figures, and we invite you to watch as we live-stream everything at You can donate, chat with us, and even challenege our Smash skills online!

If you don’t want to wait to support our cause, please click over to our donation page! And stay tuned to this space for more exciting announcements as we get closer to Nick’s Marathon 2014!

March Madness!


It’s mid-March, and that means only one thing: Nick’s Marathon Tournament Time!

After our Superbowl boxes was such a success, we’ve created an group for our first ever NCAA pool. 

It’s $20 dollars to enter, and, half of all of the proceeds we take in will go to Nick’s Marathon. The other half will be broken down like this:

60% goes to the person with the highest score
25% goes to the person with the 2nd highest score
10% goes to the person with the 3rd highest score
5% goes to the person with the LOWEST score (sometimes being a bad guesser can pay off!)

Our group name is: nicksmarathon14
The (case-sensitive) password is: nick

(You will need to register for or use your facebook account to login.)

Then, once you join and fill out your bracket, send us $20 by clicking here:


And, of course, pass this along to anyone else you think might be interested; the more people that play, the bigger the payout will be!

The deadline to submit your bracket is when the tournament starts: Thursday, March 20, 2014 at approximately 12:00pm Eastern Time (but we’d suggest finalizing bracket picks early, since the server will get more traffic as the deadline approaches.)

And all payments must be in before Sweet 16 weekend, or your bracket will be disqualified.

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for supporting Nick’s Marathon!

2014 Super Bowl Raffle

UPDATE: All the raffle boxes have been sold!  Thanks to everyone who bought a box – and good luck!

We are pleased to announce the very first Nick’s Marathon Super Bowl pool (with just days to spare!)

It works like a standard office pool, only it’s online.  Each box costs $10, and you can buy as many as you want.  Just use the PayPal button below (They’re called raffle tickets, but don’t worry – you are in fact buying Super Bowl boxes!), and we’ll email you the password so you can pick your boxes.  Before the big game, numbers will be randomly assigned to the grid, and you just watch the game and hope your numbers are the last digits of the scores after each quarter.

Half of all the money we raise goes to Nick’s Marathon, so here’s how the payouts work:

50% goes to Nick’s Marathon
30% goes to the Final Score
10% goes to the Halftime Score
5% each go the scores at the end of the 1st and 3rd Quarters

That means you could win up to $300, all while supporting a great charity – it’s win-win!

Good luck!

This One’s For Nick

It was the moment we’d been building towards for months – last night, a group of young sick children were thrilled when they had the opportunity to play a slew of new video-games.

It was the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island’s “Lights of Love” holiday party, and Nick’s Marathon came in with an awful lot of gifts. Over $5,000 worth of video-games, systems, and accessories. A PlayStation 4. An Xbox One. A WiiU. 3DS’s, Vitas. Mario, Zelda, Madden, FIFA, Skyalnder, Disney Infinity, Pokemon, and many more – there was a lot to be excited about. And as you can see from these pictures, the kids definitely seemed to be enjoying themselves!


It was a great sight to behold. One young boy, who had apparently been wandering around the House bored over the past few days, was fully engrossed in a game of Lego Marvel Super Heroes on Xbox One, a game he had desperately been wanting to play. Another group of boys waited excitedly for a system update to complete, counting as the bar creeped towards being 100% completed, so that they could play Super Mario 3D World. One young girl who was staying at the House couldn’t wait to get her hands on a 3DS. And the PS4 game The PlayRoom was massively popular with the kids.

What made it all even more special was that it really felt like our favorite gamer was right there with us. Because there, hanging on the wall, was a plaque bearing his name.

Since we started Nick’s Marathon in 2008, everything we’ve done has been in the memory of Nicholas Capobianco. But now, here, for the first time, there’s something tangible and real with his name right on it. It’s made us all feel very proud, and extremely grateful to everyone who helped us make it happen.

Nick’s Marathon 2013 – It’s a Wrap!

Another year, another Nick’s Marathon has come and gone. And I am proud to say that this year’s Marathon has been the most successful ever, with over $5,300 raised so far – and more donations are still coming in!

An awful lot of work goes into planning an event like this, so I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Marathon come to be, starting with our Board of Directors. Meg and Ben did an amazing job in arranging our partnership with Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. Bonnie organized another amazing bar night, as well as handled all of our never-ending legal questions. James once again hosted the Marathon at his apartment and handled all of the technical aspects of the live-stream, which proved to be incredibly challenging. Steve handled a ton of logistics, and Tony continues to manage all things money related.

Beyond our Board, Tara Capobianco designed a fantastic new logo for us. Marisa Pincas helped us tweak our press release, which led to a wonderful article about us on Newsday. Andy Manoff once again helped us get through the difficult late night/early morning hours of the marathon. Jordan White and his StreetPass NYC crew helped us spread the word at Nintendo World events and online.

David Rosner, Matt Campo, Deepika Thadhani, Jennifer Nicholson, and everyone at Ronald McDonald House of Long Island has been incredibly kind and helpful throughout the entire process, and we are extremely grateful that they are helping us honor Nick’s memory in such a personal way.

And of course, to everyone who tweeted, emailed, Facebooked, bought raffle tickets, came to our kick-off party, chatted with us during the Marathon, played with us in person, donated to our cause, and anyone else who I forgot to include here in my sleep-deprived state: thank you.

Thank you for helping us keep Nick’s spirit alive.

Three More Days!

We are just three days away from Nick’s Marathon 2013, and we are just about ready to go!  We’ve already got our PlayStation 4, the Xbox One is pre-ordered, and of course we are super excited to play Super Mario 3D World, which just today got an amazing 9.6 review from IGN!

And that’s not all.  This past Saturday, we held our second annual Nick’s Marathon Kick-off Party.  Not only was it a fun night out, but it was also an extremely successful fundraiser; with the money donated at the party, we are now more than halfway to our $5,000 goal… and we haven’t even started the official Marathon yet!

We were also written up on Newsday – please take a moment to click here and read the story.

Remember it’s not too late to donate or to buy some raffle tickets for your chance to win a new Xbox One!  And come back here this weekend to watch us play!

A Party and a Raffle!

Next Saturday night, we’re going to host our second annual kick-off launch party in New York City!

The party will take place at Slainte, at 304 Bowery, and from 9pm through midnight, a $20 donation will get you 2-for-1 drink specials. It’ll be a great night of great fun, all going to a great cause!

We hope to see you there!

In the meantime, don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets for your chance to win a brand new Xbox One!  This is your chance to win a new video-game system that sells for $500 for just $10!  Click here to buy your tickets, and good luck!

Announcing Our Partnership with the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island!

We have an exciting announcement to make: Nick’s Marathon 2013 will be raising money exclusively for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island!

Every year, we play video games for 48 hours straight to raise money for charity in the name of Nicholas Capobianco, an avid gamer who battled cancer as a young child and again in his twenties, when the disease ultimately took his life.   Working with this particular Ronald McDonald House is a perfect fit for us, because Nick actually participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony when the House first opened in 1986.

Nick, center, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 100th Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald Houses give comfort and shelter to families experiencing the pain of having a sick child in local hospitals. They are literally a “home away from home” and they provide the parents and siblings of these sick children with a temporary haven in a secure and comfortable environment. Specifically, the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island has just completed extensive renovations, and we have seen firsthand just how beautiful the new facility is. The playroom is fantastic, the guest rooms are uniquely themed, and the common areas are all warm and inviting. The House has certainly come a long way in the 27 years since Nick first arrived there. But there’s still one thing they need: new video-game systems.

When sick children and their families stay at the House, they are often looking for distractions; something to take their minds off of their health problems. Escaping into a video-game is a fantastic way to make that happen, something Nick understood all too well. That’s why this year, Nick’s Marathon will be donating a range of new video-game consoles and handheld systems to the House – just in time for the holidays.

You can do your part: just click here and make a tax-deductible donation to support the Marathon. Every little bit helps!

Remember to come back here to from November 22nd through November 24th to watch us play 48 hours of video-games for a fantastic cause!

Nick’s Marathon 2013 Date Set

Big news, everyone – we are ready to officially announce the date of this year’s Nick’s Marathon event!

The 2013 Nick’s Marathon will begin on the night of Friday, November 22nd and go through Sunday, November 24th.

November 22nd is already a big day for gaming fans – Nintendo will release Super Mario 3D World for the WiiU, and Microsoft will debut their new system, the Xbox One. We will definitely by playing the new 4-player co-op Mario game, and if there is enough demand for us to give the new Xbox a test run, we’ll be happy to try and do that as well!

As always, Nick’s Marathon 2013 will be a 48 hour video-game marathon, all live-streamed online right here at While we play, we will be soliciting donations for a great cause (more specifics on that to come), all in the name of Nicholas Capobianco, who tragically lost his fight with cancer in 2008.

Are there any other games you’d like to see us play this year?  Should we get our hand son a PS4 too?  We’ll be sure to try out a few other new titles, as well as some old classics, but let us know what you want to watch us play in the comments!

Nick’s Marathon 2013 Update

It’s been a while since we’ve updated this page, but let me just say right off the bat:

We are working on some cool stuff for this year’s marathon.

Unfortunately it’s a little too soon to start going into specifics, but rest assured that we are hoping to make this year’s event the biggest and best yet!

Here’s what I *can* tell you – we’re hoping to schedule this year’s NM around the release of Super Mario 3D World for the WiiU. The game’s 4-player co-op mode looks like it will be perfect for us – now we’re just waiting for Nintendo to announce an official release date!

In the meantime, keep checking back here, and remember to follow us on Twitter and to Like us on Facebook for all of the latest updates.