Announcing Even More Support for the Ronald McDonald House!

As in years past, the 2015 Nick’s Marathon will raise money to provide new video-games and accessories to The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. But for the first time, not only will we be providing these games to the House in New Hyde Park, but also to the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital!

The Family Room in Stony Brook is relatively new, having just opened in 2013. This special area is located right inside Suffolk County’s only children’s hospital, and it provides an area of respite for the families of children undergoing medical care. It features many of the amenities of home, including a television, fully-stocked fridge, laundry, and even a private bathroom with a shower. The one thing it doesn’t have, however, is video-games.

But that will change this year! Nick’s Marathon has committed to providing the room with a new Nintendo WiiU console, controllers, and games. We are also hoping to provide them with several 3DS handheld systems that can be used in and outside of the Family Room.

Video-games provide sick children and their families a way to temporarily escape their health problems and focus on something much more enjoyable. Nick understood this all to well, regularly turning to games as he recovered from his various cancer treatments. Now, with your support, even more families staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island will be able to play a variety of fun new games.

To donate, please click here.

And you can read more about Nick’s special connection to the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island here.

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