Details on this Year’s Virtual Marathon

As you might imagine, the 2020 Nick’s Marathon is going to look very different from years past. Normally, the NM crew would be gathered in a New York City apartment, playing video games together. But because of COVID-19, that’s simply not an option.

Instead, we’re going virtual! We’ll still be gaming all weekend, but from our own homes. We’re focusing mostly on Super Mario games, and we’ve created a “Scoreboard” to keep track of our progress. Over the course of the marathon, we’ll be writing things like:

“Reached World 4.”
“Collected 23 Power Stars.”
“Beat the game, Saturday 2:35pm.”

Will we get a bit competitive over who can put up the most impressive stats on certain games? Probably! Will we be able to finish them all? Maybe! The fun part is finding out. And you’ll be able to watch us all play — at the same time — right here at

Imagine a screen that looks like this, only with Mario games:

And you’re invited to not just watch, but also chat with us while we play. Let us know that you’re tuning in, who you’re rooting for, and how we’re doing!

We hope you’ll join us for this year’s marathon!

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