Nick’s Marathon 2014 is Coming Soon!

The official countdown to Nick’s Marathon 2014 is on! We are just a few weeks away from 48 straight hours of video games, all in the name of charity.

In case you don’t know who we are or what we do, here’s the short version: Our friend Nick Capobianco passed away in 2008 from leukemia at the age of 28. Nick loved video games, spending time with his friends, and helping others, so we started this charity as a way of honoring his memory. Every year we spend an entire weekend playing games, live-stream all of it at, and we ask people to support us as we try to make kids’ lives better.

Last year, we provided the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island with an Xbox One, a PlayStation 4, a Nintendo Wii U, several Nintendo 3DS’s and PlayStation Vitas, and a plethora of games and accessories for each of those systems. This year we will continue to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, as well as other great causes, like a scholarship that was established in Nick’s name at his former high school.

Of course, we encourage donations of any size, but as an added incentive this year, anyone donating $100 or more will receive a cool new power bank/portable charger! You can carry this stylish little gizmo with you and use it to recharge your cell phone, tablet, or whatever else is running low on power. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to our generous supporters.

(The actual charger may not look exactly like the one pictured here.)

As we gear up for the event, don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and help us spread the word! We raised over $5,000 last year, and we’d love to be able to top that number in 2014!


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